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Testing Facilites of SIMTEL

The following tests of material on surgical instruments are being carried out at SIMTEL:

1. Analytical/Seven Elements Test
2. Hardness Test in following scales
         a) HRC
         b) HRB
         c) BHN
         d) HV
3. Oxidation Test
4. Passivation Test
5. Heat Resistant Test
6. Ultrasonic Cleaning
7. Thickness of Coating Testing
8. Heat Treatment
       a) Hardening
       c) Normalizing
       d)Full Annealing
       e) Annealing on crystallization temperature
9.  Metellographic Examination
       c)Sulphide Inclusions
10.  Metal Testing through wet Chemical Analysis
11.  Carbon Sulpher Determination

Apparatus used for Metal Testing

1. Baird Emission Spectrovac (DV6-E)
2. Cecil Spectrophotometer
3. Union Versamet Metallurgical Microscope (X-1000)
4. Hand Held Leebs Hardness Tester
5. Coating Thickness Tester
6. Carbon/Sulpher Determination
7. Electronic Balances
8. Wet Analysis Chemical Lab
9. Memert Electronic Oven
10. Vulcan Muffle Furnace
11. LECO Percision Cutter for Sample Preparation
12. Ultrasonic Cleaner