Trade Delegation

Trade Delegation

Trade delegations are an important promotional tool for the implementation of export strategy and the achievement of the objectives like maximization of exports and market shares, promotion of new & medium to small size exporters, increasing geographical spread in developed countries, etc. The Surgical Instrument Manufacturers Association of Pakistan in collaboration with Trade Development Authority of Pakistan tries to send its trade delegations to penetrate existing markets and explore new ones to enhance exports from Pakistan.

Trade Delegation

As a follow up of Prime Minister of Pakistan’s visit to Tashkent (Uzbekistan) on 24-26 March 2011 where Uzbek authorities showed their interest to welcome product specific delegations from Pakistan particularly delegation from  surgical industry. TDAP planned to send a delegation from surgical industry to visit Uzbekistan under guidelines of CEO, TDAP, Mr. Tariq Iqbal Puri, to see possibilities of enhancing exports of Pakistan made Surgical Instruments.

Surgical Instruments Manufacturers Association of Pakistan (SIMAP) was asked to prepare a delegation to visit Uzbekistan. SIMAP selected and nominated representatives of eleven high class manufacturers in a fair manner by balloting .It was first time that a trade association adopted democratic and transparent procedure for selection of delegates. Whole industry highly appreciated this effort by SIMAP.

Dedicated efforts  of TDAP in general and Ms. Shahida Qaiser, Director, TDAP  in particular to make this delegation possible were commendable especially acquisition of stall in TIHE (Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition) to enable delegates for maximum interaction with the buyers and end users. All efforts in this regard were greatly eulogized by SIMAP.

The delegates led by Chairman SIMAP Mr. Jehangeer Bajwa visited Uzbekistan from 21-28 April 2012 where they also participated   in 17th Tashkent International Healthcare Exhibition from 23-27 April,2012. Minister of Health of Uzbekistan Mr. Adhan Ikramov along with other officials including Ambassador of Pakistan visited  Pakistan stall where he was briefed by leader of delegation Mr. Jehangeer Bajwa about surgical industry of Pakistan, product range, quality of our products and readiness to meet the Uzbek Government’s requirements. The Minister was visibly impressed by the quality and diversity of displayed instruments. He told delegates that his Government is well aware of the fact that other countries particularly Germany were outsourcing instruments from Pakistan at much cheaper price and selling to Uzbekistan at substantially high price. He added that Government of Uzbekistan would explore the ways to buy these products directly from Pakistan.

Pakistan Stall at TIHE was among popular stalls throughout the exhibition as it attracted a large number of visitors and they were impressed by quality of Pakistan made surgical/dental and manicure items .Many distributors not only from Uzbekistan but also from Russia and other neighboring states showed keen interest in buying our products. Product registration with Uzbek Ministry of Health is essential before selling surgical instruments in all these countries whereas, registration process is expensive, time consuming and complicated which should be made easy and affordable for all.

Manicure and Pedicure instruments also have great potential and more importantly they are free from registration.

Ambassador of Pakistan in Tashkent H.E Mr. Mohammad Waheed-ul-Hassand and Deputy Head of Mission Mr. Sarfraz Ahmad Khan Sipra played very active and vital role to facilitate this delegation and made wonderful arrangements to accommodate delegates logistically and ethically. They arranged important meetings with Uzbek chamber of commerce, Samarkand chamber of commerce, Pakistan business community and B2B. They also provided multi language interpreters which greatly helped to conduct meetings.

Complicated , expensive and time consuming process for registration of products with Uzbek ministry of health before selling in Uzbek markets was comprehensively discussed in meeting with Uzbekistan chamber of commerce  where representatives of ” Uzpharmsanoat” a national pharmaceutical company, ministry of health and other from different Govt. departments were also present.

On invitation of Chairman SIMAP and leader of delegation Mr. Jehangeer Bajwa, Vice president of Uzbekistan Chamber of Commerce assured to send a delegation to Pakistan to witness manufacturing standards of surgical industry of Pakistan.

Print and electronic media gave full coverage to this delegation which is very rare in these countries. In an interview with TV channels, Mr. Jehangeer Bajwa leader of delegation pay tribute to Govt. and people of Uzbekistan on their achievements in shortest period of time.

This visit particularly provided a unique opportunity of introducing high quality surgical and beauty products to business community of Uzbekistan in general and end users in particular especially participation in exhibition played a key role.

This TDAP sponsored delegation as group and on individual level, exhibited high sense of professionalism, discipline, dedication, punctuality and was ably led by the Chairman SIMAP Muhammad Ishfaque Mhay.